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Wallflux Events

.ical/.ics calendars for Facebook groups and pages

With Wallflux events you can sync events from groups and pages with a calendar app using .ical/.ics-links.

You can use this app to import events of your Facebook-group into a Google Calendar, Outlook or any other agenda application.

To get a Wallflux Events-calendar, enter a Facebook ID, and press Go:

If you do not know your groups or pages’ Facebook ID, we can find it for you through the Facebook ID helper-page.

To link directly to the your Wallflux Events-calendar use the following URL:


…where the number represents the Facebook ID of a group or page.

If, instead of an ical calendar, you rather have your Facebook group or -page events aggregated as an RSS feed, you could transform the Wallflux Events-calendar to RSS. If you don’t know how, contact us; at Wallflux we can do this for you.

DEMONSTRATION: See this website, associated with a Facebook page, which lists upcoming FB-events imported through Wallflux.

Some Groups have limited public accessibility of their Group events. This prevents Wallflux Events to return a complete calendar. To (re-)enable the Wallflux event-calendar of such a Group, you need to activate Wallflux just like that of closed and secret Groups. You can do so by following the method below.

Group Search

Wallflux offers Facebook Group Search. Especially in high-traffic groups it can be hard to keep track of posts matching your interest. With Group Search you can easily search recent Facebook groups-posts by keyword.
Test it out at //wallflux.com/search/115227675156013/nuclear
Replace the number with your Group ID, and off you go!
(Facebook also offers group search, but occasionaly it fails to return results)

Closed and Secret Groups

Due to Facebook privacy settings, Wallflux does not work out-of-the-box for closed or secret Facebook groups.


Intensive, repeated polling of a certain Wallflux feed (more than 10 times per hour, for several hours) or suppression of a demonstration-notice is considered as abuse, and the Wallflux involved will either be disabled or offloaded to an external service without further notice. This also applies to registered Wallflux feeds.

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